Two-year College of Long-term Care



The school are responsible in handling foreign student enrollment affairs. Except for publicity, promotion and assisting students to go through the necessary procedures for coming to Taiwan, enrollment affairs shall not be entrusted to outside institutions, legal persons, groups or individuals.


Information Related to 

2022 Academic Year Specialized Class

(一) 招生學年度:111學年度(2022秋季班)

(二) 專班所屬學院、系:長期照護科

(三) 專班名稱:二年制日間部長期照護科菲律賓籍專班

(四) 招生學制:二專日間部

(五) 開學日期:2022年9月5日

(六) 畢業應修得學分:至少80學分

(七) 招生對象: 菲律賓籍且高中(K12)或專科畢業,18~30歲

(八) 招生名額: 20名

(九) 報名日期:2022年7月6日至7月20日


1. Enrollment year : 2022 Academic Year (fall semester)

2. The college and department of the specialized class : Long-term care department

3. Specialized class name : Two-year College of Long-term Care for Filipino students

4. Enrollment system : Diploma (daytime)

5. The semester starting date : 5 September, 2022

6. Course credits : at least 80 Credits

7. Target of enrollment : Filipino nationality, 18-30 years old,

high school(K12) or college graduate

8. Admission quota : 20 people

9. Application period : 6 July 2022 - 20 July 2022

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Scholarship Description



  1. 學雜費、實習(驗)費等本法人認定之項目,但須扣除政府機構所提供之就學補助款項。
  2. 膳食費:在校期間由學校以儲值方式核發,且於當月結算,不得遞延使用。校外實習期間改發給代金。
  3. 服裝費:學校制服、實習服、實驗衣等本法人認定之服裝,限獎助一年級新生一次。
  4. 教學使用教科書等本法人認定之書籍,限每學期獎助一次。
  5. 棉被及床單各一條、枕頭一個,白色及黑色皮鞋各一雙,於一年級新生入學時發給。
  6. 零用金,每個月新臺幣參仟元。若學期成績達 85 分以上,則次學期開學起四個月,每月加發貳仟元以資鼓勵,若未達 85 分以上則次學期不予加發。
  7. 住宿費:僅限住校生。
  8. 首次來台就學及畢業回國經濟艙機票費用。
  9. 其他:例如團體保險、電腦網路通訊使用費、居留證、工作證、系費、健檢費等。


1. Scholarship Quota : 20 people (according to the approved quota applied by the   school to the government)

2. Scholarship Amount and Coverage : 

  1. Tuition and fees, internship (experiment) fees, and other items approved by the Foundation; however, the amount of education subsidies from government agencies shall be deducted;
  2. During grantees’ study at the University, meal allowances are provided by the University in the form of deposits. The account is settled every month, and the balance must not be carried over. Cash allowances are provided instead during off-campus internships;
  3. A once-only grant for school uniforms, intern uniforms, laboratory gowns, or other apparel recognized by the Foundation;
  4. Textbooks used for courses or other books recognized by the Foundation; a grant is offered only once per semester;
  5. A quilt, a bed sheet, a pillow, and a pair of white and black leather shoes each, which will be given to freshmen when they enter the University;
  6. A monthly living allowance of NT$3,000.If the grantee’s grade average reaches 85 or higher, an additional NT$2000 will be provided as a reward every month for the first four months of the next semester. No additional rewards will be provided in the next semester if the grantee’s grade average does not reach 85 or higher.
  7. Housing fees for grantees living on campus only;
  8. One-way economy class airfare for coming to Taiwan for study for the first time and return home after graduation.
  9. Other : insurance, computer & internet access, ARC, work permit fee, departmental student activities, and health checkup etc..

3. No grants are provided for make-up courses during summer and winter sessions or during suspension.



Ministry of Education Optimizes Consulting Services for

Overseas Students in Colleges and Universities



1. Website and opinion mailbox (www.nisa.moe.gov.tw): A new counseling page has been set up on the website of the Overseas Student Counseling Office to provide relevant legal information, Q&A for frequently asked questions during study in Taiwan, and various competent authorities/units consultation channels, and set up an online comment mailbox that can be filled in immediately, and a special pefrom the Overseas Student Counseling Offive will reply and assist in processing.

2. Service hotline (0800-789-007) : Chinese, English, Vietnamese and Indonesian service hotlines are set up from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. They will answer students’ questions in a timely manner. There is also a voice answering service during non-working hours. Students can leave questions, suggestions or complaints, report cases and contact information. Special personnel will give priority to handling during working hours.