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Transport to TCUST

International freshmen can request for a pick-up service for their first arrival in Taiwan, but it is only available when they are at Taoyuan International Airport.Arrangements will be fully made by the  Office of the International and Cross-Strait Affairs.For this service, students are required to follow staff's instruction, costs will not be covered by the school.

Travel by railway:

  1. First, take the airport MRT from Metro Taoyuan station to Taipei Main Station. [MRT Map]
    • Purchase the ticket at the ticket booth. The travel time on the Express Train is roughly 37 minutes and  around 50 minutes on the Commuter Train . A one-way ticket costs NT$150.
    • Terminal 1: The MRT transfer area is located on B1, A12 platform. And, Terminal 2: The MRT transfer area is located on B2, A13 platform.
  2. After arriving Taipei Main Station, traveling to Hualien Station by train.
    • Purchasing and collecting train ticket : Tickets can be purchased online on the Taiwan Railway Administration English Online Payment System. Or you may purchase a ticket at vending machines or the ticket booth on the first floor of Taipei Main Station.
    • Make your way to the platform area located on B1 of Taipei Main Station, or you may ask the staff for help.
  3. After arriving in Hualien Station, you can reach TCUST by taxi or by Hualien bus
    • It takes 10 to 20 minutes from the station if you take the taxi, costing roughly NT$150–200.
    • Hualien Bus No. 305 is available outside of Hualien Station. The bus routes to Shuiyuan Village,TCUST is one of the stopping stations. Bus No. 306 routes to Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology. The fare is NT$25. For timetables and announcements, please refer to the Bus Website. (Bus No.306 will not be in service until 11.09.2021)
    • When you leave the Hualien Station, you may walk along Guolian 1st Rd. to  Zhongshan Rd,  turn right and take the underpass then keep walking along Zhongshan Rd. until you are on Sec. 4, Zhongshan Rd..Then, turn left and keep walk along until you are on Sec. 2, Jianguo Rd., please turn right and keep walk along. Then you may arrive Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology.

Travel by plane:

You can take the domestic flight from Taipei Songshan Airport, Taizhong Airport as well as Kaoxiong Airport to Hualien Airport. And you may take taxi to Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology which will cost you around NT$250.


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