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TCUST Scholarships for Ukrainian Students


Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology was founded in 1989, dedicated to achieving the holistic goal of education: To nurture professionals equipped with technical knowledge and skills along with humanistic dispositions. The University stresses the importance of life and moral education which the curriculum design focuses on shaping students as to possess both professional knowledge as well as Tzu Chi’s unique humanistic characteristics emphasized on theoretical, practical, and functional approaches.
33 years since its establishment, TCUST is widely recognized by the community for excelling in both teaching and school management. For that, it was awarded funds and awards and from the Ministry of Education (MOE). In the year 2020, the University breaks into the Top 5 for the “The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings” among higher education institutions in Taiwan, and has received a subsidy of NT dollar 48.23 million from the Higher Education Deep Plowing Project in 2021. In recent years, TCUST actively promotes research, partnerships with industries to improve the teaching quality and thus won several invention awards internationally.

I.Number of students admitted:30

II.Requirements:Ukrainian Students who graduate from High school.

III.Department(Four-year Bachelor’s Program)

  • Department of Health Administration
  • Department of Marketing and Distribution Management
  • Department of Information Technology and Management

IV.Scholarship details at:Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology Regulations for Ukrainian Student Scholarship Project

V. Application Deadline: August 31th, 2022Our online application is available at: https://forms.gle/phDNDa3JVLV4xgM3A



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