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Before Arrival-Q&A

Before Arrival Q&A

  • In preparation for studying in Taiwan, you need to apply for a Resident Visa in your country prior to your arrival. For the Visa matters and a preparatory checklist, please refer to the webpage of Before Arrival
  • As international freshmen, you are entitled to the one-time pick-up service from the Taoyuan Airport at your own expense, or you may access the transportation information at After Arrival about the journey from the airport to school.
  • Upon your arrival at school, the staff of the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs (OIA) are here to assist you for registration, ARC application, and campus life. Please refer to Get Started at TCUST .

Visa Matters

Is it mandatory to get hold of the Resident Visa before arrival? Is it OK to process the Visa Application after entering Taiwan?

  • You have to obtain the Visa before arrival. For further info regarding Visa application and the health check-up requirements, please refer to Before Arrival . After registration, our OIA officers will help you apply for the ARC. You should have the required documents ready.

What type of visa to be acquired before arrival?

  • The resident visa for single entry is prerequisite to the application of the ARC. Visitor or tourist visa-holders are not allowed to be enrolled at our school.

Financial Matters

Is a proof of financial support resources mandatory?

  • Yes. A foreign student must get the proof of financial support resources from the bank which can be the student's, their parents', or sponsor's and submit it to the OIA after arrival.

Is cost of living high in Taiwan? What are the average monthly expenses for a student?

  • The cost of living in Hualien is at the medium range. In general, the food price here is higher than in Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar, but it is cheaper than in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, South Korea and Japan. The estimated cost of living for each person is NTD$3000-5000 monthly.

What clothes should we wear?

  • In school, students are required to wear school uniforms, the winter suits of which comes with a blazer, a windbreaker, and a vest. You can bring a couple of warm cloths, jackets, and scarves for cold days and you don't need to bring too many clothes.

Can we get scholarship and the publicly-funded program?

  • Nursing students can apply for the publicly-funded program and get a full tuition and fees exemption, free dormitory accommodation, free school canteen meals, and a monthly stipend NTD 3000-5000 from the Tzu Chi foundation, as well as the opportunity to work in Tzu Chi Hospital and the salary will be same as the other nurses'. Besides, the top 5 exemplary students in the class are selected to receive the scholarship on the basis of outstanding academic achievement. The qualified individuals are awarded NT$20,000 each semester.
  • The purpose of the publicly-funded program is to cultivate excellent talents, improve service quality, and help students who strive to learn and want to improve economic problems at home, so that they can work hard to learn without worries.

What are the deadlines for application of entrance scholarship and the publicly-funded program?

New International Student Scholarships is applicable at the time of enrolment. The quota and amount of the scholarship is decided by the Admissions Committee upon review and approval. For details, please refer to the regulations.

Publicly-funded program is applicable at the beginning of the semester. For more details, please refer to the regulations.

  • For further information on Publicly-funded Program , please refer to the regulation and contact the Office of Humanities at 2476, 2221, 2582.
  • For the publicly-funded program, please contact at 2476.
  • For the other scholarship, please contact at 2342.
  • For scholarships information, you can also refer to the webpage of Scholarships .

How to open a savings account?

  • At the age of 20 or more, international students can visit any banks and Chunghwa Post Office to open a saving account, apply for an ATM card, and even a credit card as long as you have a guarantor and complied with the financial audit criteria of the bank.
  • Those under the age of 20 only can open an account at Chunghwa Post Office.

Is there any ATM in school area?

  • There is an ATM of the Hualien 2nd Credit Cooperation available at the entrance of dormitory area. Another CTBC ATM is located at the 7-11 and one of Taishin International Bank at Family-mart around the corner.

Is HSBC Bank available in Hualien?

  • No, but you can withdraw the cash from the CTBC ATM at the 7-11, the interbank transaction fee of which incurs RM15. The CTBC charges an ammount of serving charge(NT$100) for exchanging currency to NTD acording to the current rate upon each transaction.

Can we make the payments by credit card?

  • No, but you can transfer the money overseas (Overseas transfer information) or carry the cash or traveler's cheques to Taiwan. You may exchange the latter at a bank or post office for NT dollars, and then make payment at the Office of Accounting.
  • The post office converts the major currencies USD, HK, EUR, YEN and RENMINBI for exchange services.


Can I bring my guitar to Taiwan?

  • It is advisable to check it as baggage in a hard-shell case.

The pick-up service at the Taoyuan Airport?

  • The OIA will arrange an one-time pickup service for International students from Taoyuan International Airport direct to the University. For the designated date and hour of pickup, please refer to the Airport Pickup Information on page 2 of the Admission Handbook you received. If you wish to make use of the service, please plan your arrival date and time accordingly and notify the OIA of your flight schedule. All travel fees are at your own expenses. It costs NTD1000 from Taoyuan Airport to Hualien.

How many kilograms for luggage allowance?

  • Generally, 20kgs are allowed for the check-in baggage and 7kgs for the carry-on. Please check with different airlines.


Do we need to buy the bedding before arrival?

  • International freshmen can order bedding pack online before arrival by filling out the form of Pickup Request and make payment at the OIA after arrival.

Can we ship the luggage to the dormitory?

  • Sure, but the dormitory only provides you with some storage space temporarily. Do not ship anything valuable or fragile. And please follow the following instructions:
  • 1. Fill in the form (Click Here) and post it on the side of the box for quick retrieval.
  • 2. Clam your luggage and pick it up after arrival.

Is it ok to come to school without parents? Does  parents have to come along at enrolment?

  • You can travel by yourself. Your parents can apply to tag along, but they are not needed at the time of enrolment.

Can we check into school dormitory right after arrival? How about the housing arrangement for parents?

  • The students shall check into the dormitory upon arrival. The application for parents' accommodation and the fee are required. Each person should pay NT$500 for one bed in a quadruple room per night.

What is the difference between permanent address and mailing address?

  • In Taiwan, the permanent address refers to the one on your identification card; the mailing address is your current residence.

Study Matters

Do we need to buy a laptop or printer?

  • Some courses require the use of computers. There are available computers and printers in the school library and labs.

As a foreign student with the upper secondary level diploma (Form 5),how many extra credits do I have to take?

  • The Form 5 students have to take 12 credits extra, equivalent to 4 to 6 courses of general education during their 4 school years. That's to say, the foresaid students need a minimum of 140 credits before graduation.

What departments are there in your school?

  • 5 years Nursing program (For students graduate from junior high school, you can continue study another 2 years program so as to finish a university degree.)


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