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  • Is there any delicious food near by school?

There are two convenience stores, breakfast shop beside our school. There are some restaurants and supermarket on the Chien-kuo Road.

  • Is there a canteen in TCUST?

Yes, the student canteen provides delicious vegetarian food. The breakfast costs about NT$33, lunch and dinner cost NT$43 for each meal in school canteen.

  • What kind of the clothes should we bring?

Our students will have to wear uniform during school time. The winter jacket and coat are included. You can bring some warm clothes and scarfs.

  • Do we need to buy the bedding before arrival?

International freshmen can order bedding pack online before arrival by filling out the form of Pickup Request and make payment at the OIA after arrival.

  • It any regulation for supplies purchase at dormitory?

The bed materials can only be single size and bedsheet can only be in light blue or plain color, other daily necessities do not have rule.

  •  How many people for roommate?

4 people in each room.

  • How much is the accommodation fee for one semester? When do we need to pay the fee?

Female: NT$5,000 Male: NT$6,500 the accommodation fee is included in the miscellaneous fee.

  • What can I do when the printer broken in the dorm?

You can ask the dorm keeper for help and then computer center will repair it.

  • Can we ship the luggage to the dormitory?

Sure, but the dormitory can only provide  some storage space temporarily. Do not ship anything valuable or fragile, follow the instructions stated below:
1. Fill the form (Click Here) and post it on the side of the box for quick retrieval.

2. Clam your luggage and pick it up at the recreation room after arrival.

  •  Do the hot water for female accommodation provide  on time ?

 A heat pump system is used, if the hot water is empty then it will take much time to heat the water again, especially when the student use hot water to wash clothes.

  •  Is it time limitation for using the bathroom?

Student can use the first floor bathroom if the bathroom stalls in each floor is fully occupied.

  •  How to reach school after arriving Hualien?

Please refer to the Transport to TCUST.

  • How to apply the Taiwan number phone?

We suggest to apply this in the airport. Please refer to SIM Cards.

  • How to apply for resident visa?

 For detail.

  • What is a Health Exam?

For detail.

A 「Foreigner Health Exam 」is mandatory ( includes the X-ray and  blood test, in the governmental hospital or the designated hospital) for applying  visa. The report should be passed up to the Healthcare Center of TCUST after arrival. (Except Hong Kong,  Macau and Mainland China students)

The Healthcare Center will arrange a health exam at a designated hospital for Hong Kong,  Macau and Mainland China student after arrival .

  • Procedures to apply for Alien Residence Certificate (ARC)?

For the first time applying ,  freshmen's'  application  will be handled by the OIA. For the ARC extention application, students must hand in personal and required documents at a unified receipt time set by the OIA.Overdue submission will not be accepted. Students that are unable to cooperate, should make the application at the National Immigration Agency at Hualien County Service Center his/herself (before the expiration of 30 days.) If you lose your ARC, you should go to the National Immigration Agency at Hualien County Service Center personally to report and reissue.

For different nationalities, the documents and fees are different. Please refer to the Alien Residence Certificate (ARC). If you have any other questions, please contact the OIA.

  • Are high school students eligible to apply for studies ? Is extra credit required?

For form 5 graduated students( Grade/Year 11), students who applied will have to study for an extra of 12 credit, almost 4-6 classes in 4years. A total of  140 credit is needed to graduate.

  • What are the departments provided in this school?
  • How much for the miscellaneous fee?

For the first semester, it costs NT 60,000-70,000. This included miscellaneous fee (45,000), female accommodation (5,000), male accommodation(6,500), uniform fee(8,000) and for study materials and bedding.
For the second semester, the fee will decrease about NT10,000. We suggest to get second-hand books from seniors and also second-hand uniforms.


  • Can we pay fees by using card?

No, but you can transfer money via overseas or bring a cash/ traveler’s cheque to Taiwan to exchange currency here then pay the fees . The post office only provides money exchange service for USD, HK, EUR, YEN and RENMINBI.

  • How to apply scholarship?

境外新生入學獎助辦法Regulations for New International Student Scholarships

For details, please refer to the regulations and contact the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs at extensions 2479.

相關獎助生(公費)辦法 Publicly-funded Program

For application details, please refer to the regulation and contact the Office of Humanities 2476.

For the other scholarship, please contact the Student Activity Division 2397.

Public Scholarship for Overseas Chinese Students of Financial Difficulties、Merit Scholarship for Overseas Chinese Students,please contact the OIA 2221.

For details,please refer Scholarships.

  •  Do there any ATM in school area ?

There is the ATM of the Hualien 2ND Credit Cooperation at the entrance of dormitory.
The ATM of CTBC bank is in 7-11 nearby our school and Taishin International Bank in Family-mart.

  • How to open/activate an account in financial institutions?

For those who are 20 and above are eligible to open an account in the bank or post-office. To those who are under 20 years old can only open an account in post office then get a visa card. For detailed information, please refer to the website ‘Open Bank Account開設銀行帳戶

  •  Is the commodity price in Taiwan higher than Malaysia? 

The commodity price in Hualien is medium, but the food price is higher than Malaysia.

  • How much living expenses is enough for a month ?

Each person will spend at least  NT$3,000-5,000 for a month.

  • When can I refund the National Health Insurance? 

According to the law, you can apply for a refund when you leave Taiwan for more then 6 months.

  •  What should I prepare, if I want to transfer to different departments?

Regarding to the rules and regulations, students will have to finish the application before the deadline announced

  •  When is the dormitory curfew hours for the 4-years Bachelor student?

It will be dangerous to stay outside at night, because our school is located at the countryside. Students are obliged to stay in the dorm after 8.00pm every single Monday until Thursday, unless you have applied to study in the library or go to hospital. The curfew hours for Friday until Sunday are at 10.30pm. Cherish the time to do the revision

  • Do we need to fill the application form to apply leave?

School authorities are responsible to take care of the international students' safety and wellbeing. If you are going to stay outside during the holiday, please provide the accurate address for emergency contact.

  • Where can I find out the details of the course selection procedure?

For course selection options and class timetable ,click here: http://linuxweb.tcust.edu.tw/st/tad/stQrySubj.php
For the course selection procedure, click here: https://linuxweb.tcust.edu.tw/st/nloginSt.php


  • Where can I print out my transcripts and proof of enrollment?

You can print it out by using the red machine (小紅機) next to the Office Of  Academic Affairs.

  • What should I do if I have lost my student ID?

If you have lost or damaged your student ID, please make an application for re-issuance at the Registration Division.The reissue application procedure is stated as below:

(1) Apply at the School Information System/Registration Division/ Student ID reissue application.

(2) Make your payment for the new ID(Those who have applied for more than two times, has to pay the double amount of cost)

  • Where can I find part-time jobs within the campus?

An announcement regarding the quota of jobs will be posted by The Office of Student Affairs every semester. More information is stated at  School Information System/ Office of Student Affairs/Student Assistance/Part-time job selection/Part time jobs enquiry

If students want to work part time on  campus, a registration must be made on the School Information System/ Office of Student Affairs/Student Assistance/Part-time job selection/ Application for working part time on campus.

  • What to do if I have lost my ARC/ passport ?

(1) When your passport has been lost, please make an legal proof and statement regarding lost or stolen passport at the Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency republic of China personally. The documents and information needed are stated below:

  1. Submit relevant identification documents other than the passport for inspection
  2. Two-inch half-length photo

(2) Search up documents needed for passport reissue and service hours from the website of  Trade and Cultural Office related . The reissue application should be made at the related embassy office personally along with the documents needed as well as the statement regarding lost or stolen passport.

(3)After receiving your new passport, Do change your passport details at the service station and also make an application for re-issuance of re-entry permit

  • How to change my previous license into International driver's license?

You can apply for your International driver's license at the Motor Vehicle Drivers Information Service Center in Taipei.

  • Must I apply for National Health Insurance during the semester?

According to the [National Health Insurance Act, Article 9]: Those who have established a registered domicile in Taiwan for at least six months, are beneficiaries for the National health insurance.

  • Can I work in Taiwan after graduation?

After graduation, International students should apply for an extended ARC( for status change) at the National Immigration Agency(Hualien Service Center)  before seeding job in Taiwan.The documents needed are Graduation Certificate , ARC and passport.

University students only will be assessed based on eight criteria, including education, salary, work experience, Chinese and other language proficiency, background, and collaborative support from governmental industrial developmental policies, etc. The MOL will distribute employment permits to those who score above 70 points.

Junior College nursing students are required to pass the Professional and Technical Examination for Registered Professional Nurses so as to apply for working in Taiwan.


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