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Mainland China Student Visa

From the school to the Immigration Agency, people from Mainland China enter the Taiwan Online Learning System(referred as the online system), please provide the following files to Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs to apply.

After verifying the documents, please download the electronic files of the entry and exit licenses (the file format is PDF file) after being approved by the school as well as completing the payment.

Required documents:

  1. Mainland residents' identity card (referred as the resident identity card) or the Mainland Chinatravel document with a validity period of more than six months (but does not include the Hong Kong and Macau Pass).(*Scanning both sides)
  2. Two color photos on white background within2 years.Photographs attached shall be handled as theaccordance specifications of the national identity card, and shall be recognized as the same person as the resident identity card and traveling document held by the holder. Those who fail to comply with the regulations shall not be accepted.
  3. Application for entry and exit of Taiwanese people from Mainland China (for Mainland China students); (transfer as electronic files after complete)
  4. Guarantee
  5. Certificate fee: each person with NT$620(including handling fee)
  6. Time required: 2 working days during the audit period (48 hours, excluding national and other holidays, such as refund (replenishment), recalculated during the audit period).


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