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SIM Cards

It's highly recommended that you should apply for a student plan for the SIM card at Taoyuan International Airport. Present your passport and the letter of admission to any of onsite mobile phone service counters where pre-paid SIM cards are available for purchase. For more information on the phone companies at Taoyuan Airport, see the website.

Otherwise, you would need a Taiwanese citizen as a guarantor if you decided to sign up for a student plan later at a phone company. You may check the website for more information.

Each identical card in one Phone Company can only apply for one account. Then, two identical cards are needed during the application for the identity checking.

Phone Companies Contact Information
Chunghwa Telecom 0800-080-090 https://www.cht.com.tw/en/home/cht
Taiwan Mobile 0809-000-852 https://english.taiwanmobile.com
Far EasTone 0800-035-550 https://www.fetnet.net/cs/Satellite/eCorporate/ecoHome
Asia Pacific Telecom 0809-050-982https://www.aptg.com.tw/ir/index.html

The staff of the Office of the International and Cross-Strait Education will bring the discount plan for international plan and collect the opinion as well as contact the staff of the Chunghwa Telecom to come to school for application. The applicant should prepare original and a photocopy of all the required documents.This operation takes at least one month before you can obtain a SIM card; when the monthly rent SIM card contract expires, the applicant should renew or redeem the deposit.

For the application, please feel free to contact the staff of the Office of International and Cross-Strait Education with your passport, the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) as well as your student ID card.

  • For those who are 20 years old or above,
    1. First credential: Passport, or entry permit for students from Mainland China.
    2. Second credential: The Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), or entry permit.
    3. Proof of student status: Student ID card, or Letter of admission, etc.
    4. Guarantor or deposit: You do notneed to attach this item to apply for prepaid card. To apply for a monthly rental SIM card, a guarantor or deposit must be attached. The joint guarantor is usually required to hold a ROC identity card and be able to perform at least 20 years of age. Margin depends on the company's regulations. At present, only Chunghwa Telecom can handle the deposit (NT$2,900).
  • For those who are under 20,
    1. First credential, second credential and the proof of student status are same as above.
    2. Legal representative: No matter the region, every applicant who is under 20 should bring legal representative to apply for SIM card. Margin depends on the company's regulations. For example, Taiwan Mobile require the applicant to bring the legal representative for applying SIM card.
    3. The joint guarantor: For the international students who are under 20, they should be the joint guarantor as well for the application of the SIM card. The joint guarantor is usually required to hold a ROC identity card and be able to perform at least 20 years of age.
  • Our school we help you toget the SIM card from Chunghwa Telecom
  • 109-2 SIM card plan from Chunghwa Telecom for your reference,
    1. Monthly rental plans require a deposit of NT$ 2,900. Currently, a monthly payment of NT$488 is provided to apply for the plan. You can enjoy full Internet access and free 10 minutes before intra-network calls.


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