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Medical Insurance & National Health Insurance

Students Insurance

  1. Students Insurance is not mandatory, you may go to the health center for canceling the students insurance if you dont want to apply within 2 weeks at the beginning of the semester. Those who don't cancel the insurance will take out student group insurance.
  2. For more information about the students, please refer to the Health Center. (School homepage -> Administration -> Office of Academic Affairs -> Health Center -> Students Insurance)

Medicine Insurance

  • Article 22 of the Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan” requires that international students should apply for the medicine insurance which is verified by an overseas Taiwanese office.
  • Thus, international students who fail to join the National Health Insurance (NHI) are requested to join the Cathay medical insurance policy for international students. Those who have their own insurance verified by an overseas Taiwanese office should provide the relavant information to the health center and do not need to join any kind of insurance anymore.
  • Applicant: International freshmen who have stayed in Taiwan for less than 6 months; students who have not joined the NHI.


  1. Feburary to July / August to Janurary for students in spring class; September to Feburary / March to August for students in autumn class.
  2. NT$3,000 for 6 months for the students insurance.
  3. NT$545 for 6 months for the medicine insurance.
  4. Those who have stayed in Taiwan for more than 6 months but fail to join NHI should join the Medcine Insurance.

Regulation for claim:

  • During the effective period of the insurance, applicants go to hospital with the NHI due to injury and illness insurance accidents.
  • Outpatient expenses must be paid first and all original receipts related to outpatient expenses must be retained.
  • Prepare the following required documents and submit to the health center.
    1. Application form (please go to the health center)
    2. Original medical diagnosis certificate (stamped by the hospital and doctor)
    3. Original medical receipt
    4. A photocopy of the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)  (Freshmen should attach a photocopy of their passport)
    5. A photocopy of bank or post office deposit book (for remittance)
* Those who do not apply for bank or post office deposits should fill in the application form for changing the items recorded in the Cathay Life Notes
  1. Insurance protection
    • For outpatient (emergency) medical treatment in a hospital or clinic due to illness or injury, the insurance company will refer to the outpatient (emergency) medical expenses (including medical examination, prescription, medicine, inspection or X-ray examination) actually charged by the hospital or clinic to pay "outpatient (emergency) medical insurance" which is no more than NT$1,000.
    • During hospitalization, the insurance company will pay the "Daily Ward Insurance" which is no more than NT$1,000.
    • During hospitalization, the insurance company will pay the "Inpatient Medical Insurance Premium" which is no more than NT$120,000.
  2. Payment
    • Insurance claims shall be paid by Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd. by Remittance, cheques or cash. (Appliacant must apply at the service center in person)
    • Those who choose remittance shall provide the account number and attach a photocopy of the deposit book. If the account number is incorrectly filled or incomplete, Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd. will not be liable for payment delay.
    • For those who choose cheques, Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd. will mail the cheques to the staff of each school.


National Health Insurance

According to the Enforcement Rules of the NHI Act, international students who are holding a valid ARC must join NHI on their behalf through the university when they have stayed in Taiwan for 6 months.


  1. International students who are holding ARC and have stayed in Taiwan for more than 6 months and have exited no more than one time which is no more than 30 days can get the qualification of application. Those who have exited more than one time or more than 30 days should count 6 months again. International students with the qualification of application fail to apply the insurance on time will be urged for the payment.
  2. International students with the qualification of application should go to the OIA for application with a photocopy of the ARC as well as a photo. International students without the qualification should apply for the Medicine Insurance.
  3. Those who cannot rely on their parents to add insurance, can rely the school they are enrolled in.
  4. Overseas Chinese students who have a ROC identity card and have a household registration of six months or more must rely their parents or the district or city office where the household registration is located to apply the insurance.

Timeslot for application of the insurance:

  1. September of that year to February of the following year
  2. March to August

Procedure for cancelling the insurance:

  1. The insurance will be cancelled after two weeks of your suspension or withdrawal.
  2. Graduated students should tell the school the time that you leave, otherwise, the insuracne will be continued until the end of June. Pleasae tell the school to extend the validity period and pay for the extra fee if you need.
  3. You should cancel the insurance immediately if you do not have any school status (suspension, withdrawal, graduation), then you can go to the local municipal office or National Health Insurance Administation to complete the application for insurance.
  4. Students who still stay in Taiwan with the validity period of residence after graduation, suspension, or withdrawal should apply for insurance at the residence area or municipal office.


  1. NTD$826 per month, NT$4,956 for one semester for international students and overseas Chinese students.
  2. NTD$413 per month, NT$2,478 for one semester for students in need.
  3. New applicants should go to the accounting office for payment at the beggining of the semester; the payment will be included in the tuition payment in the following semester.

Replace or Change the NHI IC card:

  • If you apply for replacement of NHI IC card due to identity change, damage, loss, photo replacement, etc., please go to the National Health Insurance Administation to pay NT$200 and submit the application form.

Medical treatment:

  • Students can use theNHI IC card and the ARC to go to hospitals or clinics for medical treatment, but they must still bear the registration fee and some medical expenses.

Application form:

  • Note: After graduation, suspension, or withdrawal, the school will soon cancel the insurance, and the health insurance costs will be paid by yourself monthly. In addition, if you leave Taiwan for more than six months, please be sure to provide the ticket and apply for suspension of insurance (those who leave the country for more than six months must suspend the insurance) to avoid being urged after returning to Taiwan.
Website of the National Health Insurance Administation: http://www.nhi.gov.tw/


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