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Process of withdrawal and expulsion

Expulsion of Foreign Students

  • Regulations

  • Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology Application for Expulsion (including the parent consent form) + Student Group Insurance Declaration Form (download).

  • Voluntary withdrawal: Students must obtain approval from their parents or guardians before apply fos withdrawal and submit a printed application form for withdrawal personally or via proxy. After completion of school leaving procedures, the withdrawal process is officially completed.

  • Students are forcibly expelled under any of the following conditions:

    • Students who have not registered before the registration period expires or who do not resume their studies after the suspension period. Freshmen have their admission revoked, whereas enrolled students are expelled (Article 13 of Student Status Regulations).

    • Students who have yet to complete the registration procedures included in the notification within 3 weeks of the registration date (Article 12 of Student Status Regulations).

    • Failed academic grades: Students who have twice failed courses accounting for two-thirds of their total credits (excluding waived credits). Students whose courses account for 9 credits or fewer during the semester are not included in this regulation (Article 50 of Student Status Regulations).

    • Students who have yet to complete the required courses and obtain the required number of credits before the end of the maximum year of study. 

    • Students who have also registered at other schools.

    • Students who have violated mandatory school regulations and are expelled by the decision of the Student Reward and Disciplinary Committee. 

    • Students who have lost their foreign student status: Students who have applied for household registration for the first time, move-in registration, or the naturalizing or regaining ROC citizenships (Article 12 of MOE regulations).

    • Students who have received fail scores for conduct or who have been convicted of criminal offenses (Article 12 of MOE regulations).

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