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Guideline for International Students Mechanism of Counseling

Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology

Guideline for International Students Mechanism of Counseling

September 7, 107 Republic of China

Determined by the 184th Executive Council

September 6, 108 Republic of China

2nd revision of the 192th Executive Council

Due to considerations of the cultural backgrounds and special needs of foreign students who are staying in TCUST, the school authority has provided a full range of assistance in different aspects, including those who will be of assistance to the foreign students - tutors, counseling staffs, teachers, peers of the Tzu Cheng Yi De Association and the five-track counseling mechanism, to fully assist them and to help them accommodate themselves to the campus' life, as well as accomplishing their studies.

Foreign students are to abide by the rules and regulations of this country and the school. The Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs, the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Academic Affairs, and the affiliated departments are in charge of the rules-related and general-related affairs.

For short-term trainees (non-degree students) who come to the school for training, the tutor should keep abreast of their learning status. If there are any special situations, please inform the International and Cross-Strait Affairs Office to contact the original school.

Life Assistance:

1)      Office of Academic Affairs:

Assist foreign students to apply for admission, including setting up enrollment guidelines, accepting applications, reviewing candidates' information, calculating results, sending notices and admission manuals, making announcements, and registration.

2)      Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs:

Provide information on entry and exit and visas, assist short-term trainees to apply for admission, apply for admission permits for foreign students, pickups from the airport to the school, apply for and renew residence permits, work permits, apply for injury and illness medical insurance, national health insurance (Taiwan), application for students' dormitories for winter and summer vacations, maintenance of student information, training of international academic partners, related business advocacy and emergency international liaison.

3)      Office of Student Affairs:

Responsible for the life counseling of foreign students, including accommodation planning, life counseling, assistance in emergency handling, extracurricular activities and community operation, scooter examination service. The Student Counseling and Career Center provides psychological counseling and accepts student complaints. The health Center provides medical services and health checks.

4)      Office of Accounting:

Responsible for the statistical verification of foreign students' tuition fees and other fees, as well as assisting foreign students in opening financial accounts.

5)      Office of Humanities:

To handle the meeting with TzuCheng Yide and activities related to the Humanity Association of  Tzu Chi, and to assist foreign students’ in-home visits.

6)      Office of General Affairs:

Provide related campus hardware facilities and maintenance repairs. Assist in uniforms customizations and payments, as well as mobile services for foreign students.

7)      Computer Center:

Provide network resource services to help solve information problems.

8)      Academic Departments:

Arrange tutors and seniors to provide life guidance and assistance.


Study Assistance:

1)      Office of Academic Affairs:

Provides educational assistance for foreign students, including course selection, score registration query, application for suspension, withdrawal, re-entry, student card, graduation certificate certification, short-term trainees graduation certificate issuance, and other related procedures.

2)      Holistic Education Center:

Responsible for planning and arranging general courses, and tracking the studying needs of foreign students, so that they can benefit in both their academics and individual development. Foreign students who need help in Chinese proficiency, the Holistic Education Center will assist in arranging Chinese language course counseling and Chinese language partners according to their language level.

3)      Academic Departments:

Arrange tutors and seniors to provide foreign students guidance and assistance, and understand their studying needs before reporting to relevant administrative units to reduce the risk of learning disabilities or the inability to adapt.


Accommodation Assistance:

Foreign students are given priority to allocate student dormitories, and sign an agreement for accommodation after arriving at the school. The dormitory cadres, tutors, and guidance instructors will jointly take care of foreign students to adapt to the school environment as early as possible. For those who will rent accommodations on their own off-campus, any related procedures shall be handled under the school's student accommodation counseling methods and the implementation points of renting student counseling.


Reward-punishment system:

All information shall be handled under the methods of reward and punishment of students in our school.


Safety Assistance:

(1)   On-campus safety:

Emphasize on campus safety maintenance and accommodation safety, each department will assign seniors to assist in study and life counseling so that they can attend school at ease.

(2)   Off-campus safety:

To promote the propaganda that those without a national driver’s license are not allowed to drive or ride a scooter. You need to wear a safety helmet when riding a scooter to ensure your safety.

(3)   The implementation of gender equality education, as well as the prevention and control of campus sexual abuse and harassment shall be handled under the relevant measures of the school's gender equality committee.

Leave-applying Assistance:

The “parent’s signature” column on the leave-applying form can be signed by a guardian agent in Taiwan or by the class teacher after being reviewed and approved. The rest of the applying procedures are accord to the school's student leave-applying rules.


Festival Celebration Assistance:

After foreign students have settled down, the teaching units will hold orientations and festival activities, and arrange appropriate leisure activities, to help increase students' mutual understanding and get used to campus life.


Clubs Assistance:

The cadres of the clubs are responsible for helping the foreign students in joining clubs. And by participating in inter-school activities organized by the club, the breadth and depth of the clubs can be enhanced.

The administrative unit may convene coordination meetings if necessary, according to the students' study and living conditions.

If there are any unresolved matters in this guidance, please refer to other relevant regulations.

This guidance was approved during the school’s administration conference and announced for implementation by the Principal. The revision process will be the same.

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