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Accommodation Rules and Regulations

The TCUST administration and management of dormitories covers rules and regulations of dormitory life and disciplinary procedures with the aim of helping boarders settle into a healthy routine and maintaining order in the place. Please be well-informed about all the rules and duties and comply accordingly, or offenders might face expulsion from the dormitory.

  1. Maintainence of dormitory public facilities
  1. The existing facilities in the dormitory are all property that has been listed and managed by the school. Public property and public equipment should be taken care of and all boarding students are responsible for the joint custody and maintenance. They are not allowed to be moved, exchanged or destroyed according to regulations. If violations are found, punishment will be given in accordance with school regulations, and will be liable for compensation at the price.
  2. If the facilities in the dormitory malfunctioned naturally, boarders should report it to the RA immediately and fill out the repair form online, and the General Affairs Office will dispatch personnel for repairs according to the order of filling and the urgent needs. If the inspection is determined to be improperly damaged, the user or the member of the same bedroom shall be compensated according to the price.
  1. Dormitory Curfew and Access Control

08:00am to 10:10am of every weekday is the time when the RA will perform public areas and dormitory inspections. Boarders are required to leave the dormitory by 08:00am every weekday (During the day of monthly assembly, please leave the dormitory by 7.20am). Boarders may return to the dormitory after 10:10am.

  1. Night revision: Night revisions start from 20:00 to 22:00 in the bedroom every Monday to Thursday. Night revisions are not implemented on Fridays and weekends. Those who are unable to participate in the night revisions for certain reasons should complete the leave procedures before 16:00 on the same day,  and send the leave form to the supervisor before leaving the dormitory. Those who have not been granted leave shall participate in the night revisions as usual. ※The range of application for leave during the night revisions: do revisions in the library, attend classes, search for information in the computer classroom, and seek medical treatment due to illness.

  1. Lights will be switched off at 23:00 every night, desk lights will be out and internet connection will be cut off at 00:15, and will continue to be provided at 05:00.

  1. Restaurant opening time:








Monday to Friday

06:30 -08:10



weekend & Holiday

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

Order Online



Light Meal


Monday to Friday



weekend & Holiday

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays



  1. Bathing hours: 17:00 to 20:00 and 22:00 to 23:00 every day. Bathing hours are not restricted on weekends.

  1. Evening roll calls: Roll calls will be taken at 20:00 and 22:00 every Monday to Thursday by the floor manager of each floor. Those who are not in the dormitory and fail to report to the RA after 23:00 are deemed staying out without permission; the floor manager is strictly forbidden to report falsely. Violators shall be dealt with according to school regulations.

  1. Starting from 17:30 of Fridays to 22:30 of Sundays, boarders are allowed to apply for staying out or returning home. Those who have not applied for a leave should return to the dormitory before 22:30 to participate in the late roll call. Those who wish to apply for a leave should complete the online application before 16:00 every Friday of the week. Students who fail to complete the leave procedures are strictly prohibited from staying out. Those who stay out without permission will be punished to carry out school service. 2 hours for the first time, 4 hours for the second, and a minor demerit for the third.
  1.  Access control regulations
  1. The dormitory adopts an access control card swiping system, which is mainly used to maintain management of access control.
  2. From 08:00 am to 10:10 am weekdays , and the day of  monthly assembly held  from 07:30 am to 10:10 am, inspection of dormitory areas will be held by the RA . It is forbidden to stay in the dormitory during the inspection period. Those who are unwell are requested to take a rest at the health center. Students who don’t have scheduled classes can choose to go to the library or each department to study . Students are not allowed to leave the dormitory starting from 20:00 pm to 05:00 a.m the next day during  Monday to Thursday.

Resident Student Life Convention

The standard form of rules and regulations of the dormitory will be  posted on the bulletin board. Rules and regulations that are stated and should be read and  followed strictly , to protect one’s own safety and rights

  1. Convention in room
  • Pictures and paper aren't allowed to be stickered on the walls, windows or doors of the bedroom .
  • Student’s bedding should be folded neatly, and arranged as required .
  • Toiletries  washbasins, slippers, leather shoes, sports shoes, etc. shall be arranged neatly according to the demonstration standards of each dormitory.
  • Keep your desk clean (including stationaries and personal items )
  • Daily environmental inspections and evaluation of cleanliness of  public areas will be carried out from Monday to Friday. The marks of each floor will be summed up  every week and will be announced on the following Wednesday.
  • During night revision hours (2000-2200), students are required to study and bedding should be arranged neatly
  • Spring cleaning will be held once or twice per month ,students are prohibited to apply for leave / staying out on that day .
  •  Any violations will be recorded by the RA daily , the class tutor and the counseling instructor will be notified as the basis to conduct disciplinary evaluation. If there is any objection, please explain  to the counseling instructor within 3 days.
  1. Resident students shall not have the following behaviors within the dormitory area:
  • It is not allowed to smoke, gamble, indulge in alcoholic drinking, deposit dangerous materials or bring contraband. A CO test will be conducted at least once a month.
  • During sleeping hours, students should not switch on the lights, use the computer,speakers ,smartphones or play any musical instruments .It is not allowed to make noises or leave the bedroom in order to avoid causing disturbances.
  • In order to avoid the power interruption or causing a fire accident because of careless use, resident students shall not use the electric appliance of great electric power consumption in chambers, such as electromagnetic oven, pressure cooker, coffee cooker, electric iron, gas stove, electric spoon, refrigerator or toaster. (Allowed electric appliances: laptop, smartphone, hairdryer, standing fan )
  • It is not allowed to move in, move out, sell or exchange the bed space without authorization.
  • Non-resident students, friends or other people are not permitted to stay overnight in the dorm without permission.
  • Stealing and fighting is strictly prohibited.
  • The cleaning work is shared by all the students of the same bedroom. The dormitory must be cleaned up every day before leaving.
  • The cleaning work of public areas is arranged by the floor manager and is distributed among the students of the same floor. The cleanliness of the public area will the be inspected by the RA daily.
  • To enter the dormitory of the opposite sex without applying, or allow the opposite sex to enter the dormitory is prohibited.
  • Before leaving the room/dormitory, be sure to turn off the water and electricity to save energy; lock personal drawers, wardrobes and doors. Please carry cash and valuables with you to maintain the safety of your belongings. The school is not responsible for any personal loss.
  1. When it comes to an emergency that you cannot go back dorm on time. You should call 03-8571463 and tell the teacher. Prepare certificate issue to the instructor in the office of student affairs the next day.
  2. Those who violate the above-mentioned convention will be handled according to the Student Award and Penalty Regulations.


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