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Organization Members and Responsibilities


國 際 暨 兩 岸 事 務 處 

Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs


Dr. Yu-Ming (Mark) Kuo 郭又銘

Dean of International and Cross-Strait Affairs


+886 3-8572158 # 2480

教 育 組 

Section of Education



  Chih-Yu (Vivi) Yang 楊之瑜

Chief 組長
+886 3-8572158 #2582



Or Ka Yi 胡嘉渝

Staff 組員
+886 3-8572158 #2221

Wei-Chia (William) Lu 盧蔚嘉

Staff 組員
+886 3-8572158 #2479

交 流 組 

Section of Exchange



  Pauline Ong 王寶琳

Chief 組長
+886  3-8572158 #2220




Hu, Ting Hsuan 胡庭萱

Staff 組員
+886 3-8572158 #2372






高 教 深 耕 計 畫 助 理 

 Higher Education Sprout Project





Renée Lim Han Jie 林涵潔

Assistant 助理
+886 3-8572158 #2599


1. Signing An International Academic Cooperation Memorandum

(1) Organizing or assisting to sign permission or memorandum of academic exchange with the universities in local or oversea.

(2) Organizing or assisting to receive the guest from sister schools or other countries.

(3) Summarizing statistics about the international exchange programs, and maintaining and completing the information on the website of international sister schools.

(4) Preparing the souvenirs for the international exchange activities, contacting the branch for accommodation and transportation for the guests.

(5) Promoting the exchange of teachers and students and the business with international sister schools.


2. Handling International Exchange Activities

(1) Training ambassadors receiving international guests.

(2) Arranging cultural experience and service-learning, humanities, and cross-cultural curriculum for international exchange students.

(3) Arranging language enhancement and cross-cultural learning for international exchange programs.

(4) Arranging the selection, training, and presentation of students for international exchange programs.

(5) Providing information on applying for subsidies for international academic exchange activities.

(6) Annually summarizing the international exchange activities and funds of all departments and centers.


3. Admission And Counselling For Overseas students

(1) Recruiting students.

(2) Promoting student recruitment.

(3) Participating in higher education exhibitions.

(4) Assisting overseas freshmen before coming to Taiwan, such as applying for VISA, ordering bedding, investigating flight time, applying for accommodation for accompanying parents, ordering train tickets, answering students' questions, etc.

(5) Picking up the overseas freshmen who come to Taiwan, helping them move into the dormitory, and collecting the documents for school.

(6) Assisting for overseas students' residence, immigration, and work permits.

(7) Applying for extending for ARC for overseas students.

(8) Dealing with overseas students’ insurance (including applications for Accident Health Indemnify and National Health Insurance, and revocating insurance because of leaving school, withdrawal, and graduation).

(9) Maintaining the information management system for overseas students, such as key in students’ information, noticing for graduation, leaving school, and withdrawal.

(10) Maintaining the counseling areas for the Chinese students, reporting about the Chinese students’ schooling, graduation, and departure.

(11) Assisting a series of lectures, cross-cultural activities, and counseling meetings for foreign students.

(12) Applying and granting of scholarships for overseas students.


 4. Improving the international visibility of our school and opportunities for international cooperation and exchanges

(1) Updating English webpage information in real-time.

(2) Participating in international exchange-related associations and academic activities (such as UMAP).

5. Applying for short-term overseas training for selected students

(1) Assisting short-term overseas training proposals.

(2) Convening short-term training committees for sending students overseas.


6. Assisting the project of the Ministry of Education (MOE)

(1) Writing and assisting promoting internationalization project by the relevant government department.

(2) Summarizing and maintaining statistics related to the project of the MOE.

(3) Maintaining the academic exchange system of colleges and universities of the MOE.

(4) Establishing and maintaining the international cooperation webpage of the MOE.